A “War of Words” against Muslim NGOs

A “War of Words” against Muslim NGOs

05 Mayıs 2014

In September 2000, the neoconservative American think-tank “Project for a New American Century” had released a report outlining the new strategies the United States of America should take in terms of securing “American principles and interests” and redesigning its foreign policy. It had suggested the United States to use overwhelming military force and secure the Persian Gulf region. The report concluded stating that “this was going to take some time” as a “catastrophic event” had to take place to light the spark.

Consequently, one year later the tragic event of 9/11 had taken place, killing and injuring many civilians. This in term was the spark needed for the “war on terror” to take place as the world, in terms of international relations was going from bipolarity to multipolarity, sharing the balance of power between different nations, and weakening the “American effect” within the Middle Eastern region, and going against the interests of both the United States and Israel.

For this a new enemy was needed as new blocks within the international arena were being formed, as a full forced artillery attack needing to take place. It is of no surprise as Islam was chosen in being the new enemy, as both the United States and Israel needing to secure oil, gold and other natural reserves within the Gulf and Middle Eastern region.

As the “Islamic Threat” was created, the occupation of Afghanistan had begun. With over 150,000 children dying each year due to malnutrition present while the occupation was taken place. The war on terror had continued spreading like a disease within the region, resulting in the occupation of Iraq to “secure the interests of the United States and its people” with the threat of WMD’s being brought up. As the United States had not found any WMD’s, all that was left was a country drowning in turmoil and crisis, with many children losing their fathers and 5 million children left orphaned.

With all this great turmoil taking place within the Middle East and Gulf region, many Muslim NGOs had taken action, to heal the wounded and offer a helping hand to all who were left to face the dark world on their own, orphaned, loosing their parents. With Muslim NGOs taking action, it could be estimated that the balance of power was once again being tipped towards the “Islamists”, with the Americans, Israeli’s and English not happy as the foreign minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman had stated “Islamic charities were a great threat to them”.

It should be reminded that it is against the national interests of both the United States, Israel and the West to have Muslim NGOs within occupied regions as this causes a shift of perception between the various communities found within all classes of society among the various regions. This then causes in the exposing of imperialist and Zionist strategies being employed among the various classes resulting in an awakening of society.

With the current fight for a balance of power by the United States and Israeli’s, a great operation of degradation is being played against Muslim NGOs. We lately can clearly see a “war of words” being played within the media with Islamophobic remarks being deployed against Muslim NGOs.

False accusations have been taking place against Muslim NGOs. It should be noted no evidence or proof is being put forward regarding these false accusations. These attacks are not only done to Muslim NGOs, but result in being done to the whole of humanity as the negative propaganda being done is intended to result in Muslim NGOs not being able to deliver the necessary aid, which increases consumption and poverty, working towards the agenda’s of capitalism and imperialism and Zionism.

Muslim NGOs and the general public should not give into these false accusations and should continue their support. The Islamophobic techniques being used against Muslim NGOs should be noted and perceived. No matter what techniques are employed, this should not stop Muslim NGOs in delivering the necessary aid to the regions suffering poverty and in need of a helping hand.