Africa: Sealed in IOF-Disturbed by France

Africa: Sealed in IOF-Disturbed by France

14 Ekim 2014

Africa, a nation of lost confidence, perhaps a continent of suppressed aspirations; is a total of 47 countries trapped in the fate drawn for them by greater powers. Bursting with natural resources and an incredible human work-force, it is surely a treat served on a golden plate, vulnerable to the dominant hands of the unwanted outsider. Along side with the others, one of the greatest opportunity seekers has surely been France. Colonizing a total of 14 main prosperous African countries, French has a great influence on the Africa’s destiny. Religion, economics, language and culture are greatly targeted with the French Colonial Pact, signed by the 14 countries in the 1960’s; resulting in a mere ruin of this nation.

Economic success of the French or in other words an economic oppression for the Africans first originated through the mutual aim of Christian missionaries. The “founder of the (African) Kenyan Nation”, Jomo Kenyatta states it: “When the missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the missionaries had the Bible. They taught us to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible”; highlighting the fact that the current Bible itself has been a book serving the atrocious ambitions of the West and the French also.

Involuntarily or willingly, life at the outbacks of Africa has always been an economical struggle, with the Christian missionaries doing nothing to improve it. The French colonization on African history goes back far as 1624, and today it’s generally known as the “International Organization of Francophonie” (IOF). With a few modest cutbacks in the story line, the French was able to build an empire of colonization, transferring the very treasures of Africa to its own. It is now roughly estimated that “France is holding 500 billions of African treasury in their own”. Whereas, the Africans are only allowed to access a maximum of 15% of their own countries’ income, with 65% being cut by the Colonial Pact, and further 20% reduced by the French for financial liability. Making things ever more tragic, if needed, these African countries are only allowed to borrow a maximum 20% of their own money; more than that, and France has a veto.

Believe it or not, it gets worse...


If any natural resources found in the Francophone Countries, French has the very first right to buy or neglect. So even if the African owner can get a better price elsewhere, they cannot sell it due the Pact.

AlonFrancophone Africagside with the financial damage comes the cultural one. Though Africa has homed too many tribal languages, the official language and official money of these 14 countries has long been made into French; and this Pact has sealed the loss. Thus, these African states are paying the French for the public goods and services that are not supplied to them. Africans were not and still are not treated equal to French residents; proving what Jules Ferry, a French statesman and a republican declared in 1886: “The higher races have a right over the lower races, they have a duty to civilize the inferior races”.

The harm caused moves further. France has the right to establish military troops in these countries and has a dominant intervention for the country it wishes to defend. With 10 military troops around Africa, France can measure the tension in these African countries and hence maintain its power. Unsurprisingly, these 14 countries are also obliged to ally with France in any case war or global crisis.

And where’s the independence in all this? To pay tax in a staggering rate, to forgo national language, money, culture, values and freedom?

So why and how exactly have these 14 unfortunate countries become trapped in this decolonizing Pact?

Following the First World War, and more so after the Second World War, anti-colonial movements began to greatly challenge European authority. France ineffectively fought wars to keep its colonial power. However, in the 1960’s, it was no longer possible to keep the exploitation going. So it began to search for ways to rescue itself with the most minimum struggle; which resulted in the Colonial Pact. On one side of the Pact stood the Africans, passionate of gaining international recognition and independence, whereas, on the other side was the French, not willing to let go of its easy-income of a few centuries. So when the Africans ambitiously asked for freedom, France organized its colonies in a “compulsory solidarity” before freeing them. As a solution, they offered a counterfeit in reassurance that they are somehow free, but have to pay tax to France for this freedom.

Former French President remarked this year that:

“Nous devons être honnêtes et reconnaître qu’une grande partie de l’argent dans nos banques viennent précisément de l’exploitation du continent Africain.”

“We have to be honest, and acknowledge that a big part of the money in our banks come precisely from the exploitation of the African continent.”

Throughout the last 50 years, every African political leader that stood firmly against this humiliating yet tragic oppression by trying to break this Francophonie system has been liquidated by France through “coup d’état or assassinations”. Though imprisoned in their own freedom, Africa should once more be saved, especially off the France’s immoral behavior. Let us not forget that Europe and other countries alike, would have long-lost their grounds if it had not been for the exploitation and African’s cheap foreign work-force. Henceforth, Africa is a pearl that awaits for its tambour, a flower ready to blossom. Waiting to re-born again from its ashes of historical tragedy…