Blacklisting the Charities: Defamation Fails, Goodness Prevails

Blacklisting the Charities: Defamation Fails, Goodness Prevails

16 Haziran 2014

While political, economic and social injustices dominates the world, there are some who does crucial works to eliminate those injustices and relieve suffering populations. The Islamic NGOs increasing their capacity significantly in last two decades do not only deliver aid but also struggles to remove the reasons causing poverty, underdevelopment, dependency on aid and etc. For instance, an Islamic NGO from UK, Kuwait or Turkey would support an Indonesian or Ethiopian family to earn their livelihood and made an important contribution to the lives of the needy.

defamationThe mentioned NGOs work to maintain peace and justice throughout the world since they know that 3 billion people in Asia and Africa earn less than 2 dollars per day while per capita income is about 20 thousand dolar in the West. Such a huge gap is a consequence of political, economic and cultural exploitation of the “third world”. The exploiters of the past come to the agenda as the major powers of contemporary politics. Hence, todays’ international politics is mainly shaped by the agenda of those great powers. Even the United Nations established to protect world peace would also be directed by the agendas of the member and founder states.

The NGOs working for humanity would be prevented by those powers when they become involved to their fields of interest. Declaring preemptive war against “terrorism” following 9/11, USA had started worldwide occupations and activities against “terrorism”. The Neo-con administration in USA had caused serious global wars and humanitarian crisis. States, NGOs, various institutions or individuals conflicting with the interests of the Great Powers are targeted. In this context, Islamic NGOs has also being targeted and experienced various difficulties. Just immediately after 9/11, a number of international Muslim NGOs had been designated by the US government with the claim of support to terrorist organizations. The Muslim NGOs are prevented in various ways such as freezing the bank accounts, having difficulties in money transfer and restricting freedom of movement. But more importantly labeling, defamation, designation to terrorism, blacklisting are being utilized to change the minds of the people. Even the NGOs working in most difficult situations in serious crisis regions are defamed, psychologically and prestigically exhausted.

A similar campaign had been carried out against the Turkish humanitarian organization IHH on January. An illegal search has done in IHH Kilis Office where the relief activities of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation to Syrian people are organized and coordinated. The media swiftly described this operation as a part of an operation carried out simultaneously in six cities of Turkey against individuals suspected of having links to al-Qaeda. Even Turkish authorities removed the police officer who carried out an illegal search to IHH Kilis office from duty, some media institutions used this illegal search as a part of their defamation campaign.

Having a 20 years of history, working in five continents in more than 130 countries and regions, having support of thousands of registered volunteers, supporting 35 thousand orphans monthly, giving light to 74 thousand cataract patients, opening 3500 water wells and being the founder of so many permanent facilities like schools, orphanages and education centers, IHH is the hope for maintaining peace and justice in the world. The illegal search in IHH Kilis office was a dirty campaign to defame a humanitarian organization and to change peoples’ minds.

The world needs IHH. The world needs goodness. The legitimacy of NGOs working for the needy should not be made a point of discussion. Preventing humanitarian NGOs by fake accuses should be prevented. Because the needy is waiting for goodness!