Fake Ex-Muslims: The Legionnaires of Islamophobia

Fake Ex-Muslims: The Legionnaires of Islamophobia

26 Nisan 2014

As the current attack upon Muslim blocs in the world is still continuing, new techniques are seen to being employed day by day. Members of Western societies are constantly being subliminally bombarded, literally being shelled with hate messages towards the current politically manmade enemy: Muslims. As this is seen as some sort of religious warfare by far-right religious and media cooperation’s, it is quite obvious that like any war, the “technology” and “techniques” being used must be brought up to date. As the Islamophobia Industry is renewing its “artillery” of falsehood, a new set of freedom-fighter type figures are being placed towards the frontlines, these being Fake Ex-Muslims.

With these new freedom-fighters coming towards the frontlines, the world population often quite sees how disoriented their arguments are with how they “converted back” back to their previous religions, which can clearly be seen in the arguments of prominent fake ex-Muslims such as Ergun Caner, Wafa Sultan, Walid Shoebat and Kamal Saleem, trying to “guide the community back to the straight path” when in fact they are clearly sowing hate messages in the subliminal mind.

To combat these new-age crusaders, we should get to know them more closely, as to who they are, what their aims and motives are, and the techniques these new age fighters employ. It is surprising to note these public figures trying to “guide” society having come out into the spotlight post 9/11, as this timing clearly un-blankets their motives and agenda’s; trying to cause chaos and havoc between Muslims and peoples of the other faiths resulting in the social adhesive between societies deteriorating and weakening.

A continuous false linkage is made between Islam and so called “terrorism” by these far-right crusaders, with the backing of far-right media cooperation’s and groups such as Fox. Radical groups such as Al-Qaida and (The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) ISIS are always brought forward to the public eye, to portray a minority group as the majority of Muslims, a comparison of their arguments could be like blaming the sins of the tyrant Hitler on the whole German population.

It can clearly be seen that the claims and accusations of these hate filled right wing legionnaires are built upon bogus, counterfeit and falsehood. The populace should be attentive and mindful of these feigned right-wing crusaders whose main aims are to cause disruption within the social order of society and to financially fill their own pockets with the money and tax paid by the general public.