Islamophobia, Evangelicalism and the Seven Mountains Dominion

Islamophobia, Evangelicalism and the Seven Mountains Dominion

03 Mart 2014

As history recalls, people of all faiths had lived in harmony for many hundreds if not thousands of years, prominent examples coming about, especially with the reign of the Ottoman Empire. It is noted in the history of Doukas currently being preserved in Paris, with copies also found in the libraries of Venice in Italy, that upon the conquest of Istanbul, Lucas Notoris, the last Megas Doux of the Byzantine Empire had clearly stated that he “would rather see a Muslim turban in the midst of the City (i.e., Constantinople) than the Latin mitre.” (The History of Doukas, Pg.36)

By looking through history, up until the last 100 years, we can clearly see people of all faiths living in peace and harmony. It can clearly be seen that there is a clear rise in religious fanaticism, hate crimes against Muslims in an instant skyrocketing after the tragic incident of 9/11. In 2002, an annual report released by the FBI had found that hate crimes had increased by 1600% clearly stating “The FBI found that while attacks against Muslims had previously been the least common hate crime against a religious group--just 28 in 2000--the number of incidents surged to 481 in 2001, an increase of 1,600%.”
Kaynak: WikipediaWith hate crimes on the rise against Muslims, it can clearly be seen that various groups and lobbies were benefiting from the suffering of others, with an industry known as the “Islamophobia Industry” being born. Within this industry, individuals and groups of all kinds including bloggers, rogue academics and politicians have come together. The main driving force within this industry is a certain cluster of far right Evangelical Christian leaders, raising extreme hate messages against not only Muslims but whoever supports them including both adherents of the Jewish and Christian faiths. Pat Robertson, a far right Evangelical and American media entrepreneur is one of many members of this cluster of fanatical religious leaders. Robertson is also the chairman of the Christian Broadcast Network and the host of the 700 club show, which is known to consist mostly of messages of hatred towards Muslims. On one particular episode, Robertson had taken his hatred messages to the next level, clearly comparing and matching up Muslims to the tyrant Hitler, undoubtedly stating that “[There is] No problem at all saying the Nazis were monsters, no problem. We were fighting the Nazis, and our job was to defeat the Nazis, and everybody in America was mobilized to defeat the Nazis. ... Now we’re fighting a war, but we refuse to identify our enemy [The Muslims] even though it’s in plain sight.”

Within the far right Evangelical group, a certain dominion known as the ‘Seven Mountains’ is present. This certain dominion are known for their absurd views including the “Wall Street Crisis being started by the Devil as the government leaders are under the Kingdom of Darkness” (Lance Wallnau, Prophetic Perspectives with Rick Joyner, 1/6/2012). The dominion’s main aim is to ‘reclaim the seven cultural mountains’ including government, world banks and various other social institutions. It is also noted by many researchers, prominently by Nathan Lean in his book ‘The Islamophobia Industry’ that many wars within the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan was motivated by the ‘seven mountains’ argument.

As human kind was living problem less, one can see how the extreme right viewing of religion can change the whole chemistry of society and break the harmonizing connections between human beings. As a new monster was needed after Hitler, Islam and Muslim’s were seen as the perfect target, with the far-right evangelicals literally firing verbal abuse to Muslims with every chance they get.