Riding away Islamophobia in Australia

Riding away Islamophobia in Australia

19 Aralık 2014

The current expansion of the ISIS terror organization, Islamophobia has been going to new heights and levels among the general public. This had stepped taken a complete new level with the tragic event taking place on Tuesday morning in Australia. The assailant, 50 year old Man Haron Monis, suffering from psychological problems including hysteria barged into the Lindt Café and had taken approximately 10 people hostage including the workers of the famous café.

Negotiations with the almost Breivik-like Monis had continued on hours on end with the Chief Police Commissioner of New South Wales clearly stating that they “have the best negotiators in the world”. Monis, a serious misrepresentation of his religion was said to be “a total outcast” “an idiot” and “nothing adding up regarding him” by various Muslim clerics in Australia.

The paranoid Monis was born in Iran in 1964 where he was described to practice as a “cleric” and become a “one time poet”, publishing a book of poetry written in Persian called “Daroon and Baroon”. According to investigative journalist Tim Elliot, the delusional Monis is also ascribed to have worked for the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security where he had witnessed torture and the Iranian government’s “terrorist operations”. Monis was later described to have undertaken a “more liberal view” of Islam and had fled from Iran in 1986 and seeked asylum in Australia.

Monis had stated that “he had some secret information regarding the Iranian government” and “the Iranian regime wants to make him silent”. The delusional culprit had later taken on the name Ayatollah Manteghi Boroujerdi. Sheikh Mousselmani a respected leader of the Shia community in Sydney had stated “He claimed to be a sheikh, but the way he dressed, the way he talked, even the way he walked just didn’t add up”. Mousselmani had later let the Australian Federal police know of the situation, but didn’t not get a response.

Though a serious question and flaw in national security arises here, why did not the Australian government take the necessary precautions against such a “potential terrorist”? Monis had tried to gather an audience with his preaching but was kicked out of the Nabi Akram Islamic Centre in Granville.

Moving along, the unstable Iranian had barged into Lindt Café on Tuesday morning and had taken 10 people hostage, with two civilians being killed once the capture operation was executed by Federal Police Special Forces. Eye witness accounts suggest that the two civilians had been killed immediately after the police had started to move in. One thing to note here is the misrepresentation of the religion of Islam by a delusional and mentally unstable so called religious cleric and the outcries made by the Islamic community representatives including the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV).

Upon the tragic and saddening events, Islamophobia was once again on the rise in Australia until the hashtag #Iwillridewithyou was started by one Australian civilian who had created the hashtag upon Muslim woman and men facing racism and Islamophobic problems upon the events which had taken place. The aim of the hashtag was to bring forth the Australian spirit and heritage, and also to let the Muslim population know they are not responsible for the events, and they are supported by the public wherever they go.

The hashtag had gone viral on the social media website Twitter for several hours, trending and sitting in the number one position for more than five hours. More than one hundred thousand users had used the hashtag to express their support. Also flowers were dropped to many mosques throughout the nation to express their gratitude in Muslims sharing the pain and sufferings of the Australian public. With these recent events, it makes me happy to see the Australian public becoming more aware of the differentiation between the true Muslim, and the one which is equaled to being a terrorist. Let us hope this awareness continues on not just in Australia but throughout the globe.