East Africa is under threat of food insecurtiy due to locusts!- 20 January 2020
Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia are dealing with desert locust swarms of “unprecedented size and destructive potential” that could spill over into more countries in East Africa. Destroying hundreds of thousands of acres of crops, the outbreak is impacting the region’s food insecurity. Also, Kenya has not faced a locust threat of this magnitude in 70 years. Moreover, unusual climate conditions have favoured rapid locust reproduction. There is a risk to expand the locust swarms effect around the region, swarms potentially containing hundreds of millions of individual desert locusts can move 150 kilometres a day – devastating rural livelihoods.
60% Zimbabwe water sources are unsafe! - 14 February 2020
According to Unicef updated humanitarian situation, almost 60% of water sources in Zimbabwea are unsafe. Experts warn that this increases risk of diseases outbreaks such as typhoid, cholera and diarrhoeal. In Zimbabwea 1.9 million people are in need of safe dirinking water and better sanitation. Due to economical and political crisis, health workers in country often strike for better work conditions and payment.
Azerbaijan governing party wins vote, opposition cries foul! - 10 February 2020
The Azerbaijani Central Election Commission (CEC)  announced the victory of the ruling "Yeni Azerbaijan" Party at the February 9 parliamentary elections. In its turn, the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) of Azerbaijan has stated that the elections were held in an atmosphere of "mass falsifications and flagrant lawlessness. Candidates for MPs and voters supporting them have come out to a protest rally held in front of the CEC of Azerbaijan, stating falsification of the elections. Police officers have violently dispersed the protesters and some detainees were injured.
Turkmenistan's leader fires his longtime security chief! - 13 February
Turkmenistan’s president Gurbangly Berdymukhamedov has fired his longtime security chief, a man widely seen as one of the most influential officials in the Central Asian nation. President decree published in the government’s newspaper Neutral Turkmenistan orders the dismissal of National Security Minister Yaylym Berdiyev. The document said the minister was relieved of his duties due to his transfer to another position, but it didn’t say what job he will take. 
Slovenian Prime Minister Sarec resigns, calls snap election! - 27 January 2020
Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Sarec said he would send his resignation to the National Assembly on Monday and called for an early election, because his minority government did not have the influence to push through important legislation.
Bulgaria expels two Russian diplomats suspected of spying! - 24 January 2020
Bulgaria expelled two Russian diplomats who prosecutors suspect were involved in espionage and gave them 48 hours to leave the Balkan country, the foreign ministry said on Friday. Bulgaria, which traditionally keeps close links to Russia, expelled another diplomat over espionage allegations in October and declined to grant a visa to Russia’s incoming defense attache. In return this deportation, the Russian Federation also deported the First Undersecretary of the Bulgarian Embassy on the basis of reciprocity.
Drug operation at Greece! - 25 January 2020
Greek police say they seized nearly 1.2 tons of cocaine and arrested 8 alleged members of an international drug trafficking gang. Greek officials announced that the cocaine came from the Caribbean and was destined to countries in Europe and northwest Africa.
Two Ukrainian soldiers killed and two wounded in Donbass
Ukraine's military said two of its soldiers were killed and two wounded in the country's eastern Donbas region.  In a statement on January 26, the military said one soldier was killed and another wounded by gunfire, while in a separate incident another soldier was killed and another wounded by an improvised explosive device. Eleven Ukrainian soldiers have been killed this month so far, exceeding the number of killed in December by two. The military said it reported 12 cease-fire violations by Russia-backed separatists on January 26, while it reported 10 violations the day before. The Kremlin officially denies that it is a party to the war and describes the events in the Donbas as "an internal Ukrainian conflict."
Raul Khadjimba decided to resign! - 13 January 2020
On January 13, after a day earlier, Raul Khadjimba decided to resign under pressure from protesters, the parliament of Abkhazia appointed Valery Bganba acting Prime Minister. The re-election of the President of Abkhazia is scheduled for March 22. Raul Khadjimba refused to run for president, while opposition leader Aslan Bzhaniya announced his participation in the presidential election. Aslan Bzhaniya has a high chance of winning the presidential race, and he suits the Kremlin. However, serious rivalry for him can come from candidates close to the previous government and members of the opposition.
Pollution on drinking water in Dagestan! - 20 January 2020
On January 14, in Dagestan, the City Mayoralty of Kizlyar reported the poisoning of 10 children and 22 adults with drinking water. The City Mayor accused local residents of water pollution by saying they had illegally connected sewer pipes to the water supply pipelines. The Ministry for Public Health urged residents of Kizlyar to abandon the use of raw water. The water supply in barrels was organized for the population. The Prosecutor's Office reported the institution of a case on provision of services that did not meet security requirements. By the morning on January 20, the number of poisoning cases rose to 193, including 103 children.
Iraq's president says more than 600 demonstrators have died! - 23 January 2020
Iraqi President Berhem Salih announced that more than 600 demonstrators had died in the 3-month-long actions in the country.
Government formed as demonstrations continue in Lebanon! - 21 January 2010
On 29 October 2019, Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri resigned during demonstrations in Lebanon over the economic crisis and the government's tax policies. Mohammed Diyab, known to have supported Hezbollah and the March 8 bloc, formed a government made up of technocrats rather than sectarian balances. The new government's priority agenda will be the demands of the protesters.
UN: 1 out of every 2 people in Palestine will need humanitarian aid in 2020! - 21 January 2020
Ursula Mueller, an aide to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, declared that 1 out of every 2 people in Palestine will need humanitarian aid in 2020. According to the UN, the unemployment rate in Gaza is 45 per cent and the unemployment rate among young people is 60 per cent. In addition, 46 percent of the population lives below the poverty line, while 60 percent do not have access to safe food.
Ukraine's President Rejects Ukraine Prime Minister's Resignation - 18 January 2020
On January 15 evening, an audiotape was uploaded to social media in which a voice sounding like Prime Minister's Oleksiy Honcharuk was reportedly heard discussing the national budget with some other government ministers and senior officials from the national bank. Honcharuk submitted his resignation following a leaked audio recording of him reportedly criticizing Zelensky's understanding of the economy. However Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky declined a resignation offer by Oleksiy Honcharuk, last week. 
Pompeo: US no longer considers Israeli settlements illegal! - 19 November 2019
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Monday that the United States was softening its position on Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, the latest in a series of moves by the Trump administration that reversed decades of US policy. Pompeo said the administration of President Donald Trump will no longer abide by a 1978 State Department legal opinion that the settlements were "inconsistent with international law". "After carefully studying all sides of the legal debate, this administration agrees... (the) establishment of Israeli civilian settlements in the West Bank is not, per se, inconsistent with international law," Pompeo said.
At Bosnia and Herzegovina has reached a consensus on the formation of the new government
Following the general election in Bosnia and Herzegovina in October 2018, the largest Bosniak, Serbian and Croatian political parties in the country reached a consensus on the formation of the new government. As a result of the compromise, Bosnian Serb Zoran Tegeltija has been appointed to head the Council of Ministers, Bosnia’s government.
Gaza ceasefire under pressure after renewed Israeli air attacks! - 15 November 2019
Israel's army said early on Friday it had launched fresh raids on targets linked to Islamic Jihad in Gaza, after it fired a number of rockets into Israel, despite a ceasefire that came into effect on Thursday morning. The ceasefire had been agreed between Israel and the Palestinian armed group after two days of fighting in Gaza that began after Israel killed a top Islamic Jihad commander in an air raid. Gaza medical officials have put the death toll from the two days of fighting at 34, almost half of them Palestinians civilians and including eight children and three women. In Israel, at least 63 Israelis received treatment for injuries after hundreds of rocket launches from Gaza  paralysed much of the southern part of the country.
The protests continue after ending of the immunity of universities in Greece! - 14 November 2019
The conservative New Democracy, which came to power in July in Greece, put an end to the immunity of universities and contradicted the left and anarchist groups in the universities, causing political and social upheavals throughout the country. As a result of the developments, university students launched an occupation action in many universities. Students will continue their actions until Sunday, the anniversary of the November 17 student uprising against the Colonel's Junta in 1973.
Turkey deports US national as it starts returning ISIL fighters! - 11 November 2019
Turkey has deported a US national who is a member of ISIL, according to a Turkish official, as Ankara said it started repatriating captured fighters belonging to the armed group. In comments carried on Monday by Turkey's state-run Anadolu Agency, interior ministry spokesperson Ismail Catakli said seven German nationals would be returned on November 14. Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said last week Ankara would begin repatriating those held by Turkey as of Monday. Soylu did not provide any numbers or say which countries they would be sent back to. He said about 1,200 foreign ISIL fighters were in Turkish prisons and 287 members, including women and children, were recaptured during Turkey's military offensive into northeast Syria last month.
Trump says talks on Nile dam dispute 'went well'! - 6 November 2019
United States President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he held successful talks with officials from Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan over a new dam being built on the Nile river. Trump was mediating in a dispute over Ethiopia's construction of the huge dam which Egypt says could drastically disrupt the Nile, the river providing 90 percent of the country's drinking water. Ethiopia says the five-billion-dollar Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam near the border with Sudan will be a massive boost to the economy and is necessary to provide much-needed electricity. However, the Egyptians fear the move would be at its expense, and reduce its share of Nile water.
Russian Diplomat Deported in Bulgari! - 28 October 2019
The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry expelled a diplomat from the Russian Embassy in Sofia, accusing him of espionage for more than a year.
Election of the President of the Constitutional Court of Northern Macedonia! - 30 October 2019
Kuzey Makedonya Cumhuriyeti Anayasa Mahkemesi üyesi olan Türkiye kökenli Salih Murat, 6 oy, 2 red ve 1 çekimser oyla oy çokluğu ile Kuzey Makedonya Anayasa Mahkemesi Başkanı seçildi.
EU and NATO representatives release about Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring – October 10, 2019
Turkey launched the Operation Peace Spring in order to create safe areas for the eastern Euphrates on October 9, 2019. While EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy High Representative Federica Mogherini emphasized to halt the operation from Turkey, NATO also expressed its concerns against the plan. Juncker, The president of the EU Commission, told the European Parliament that EU understands Turkey’s “security concerns” along the border. But he warned the military action would not lead to a “good result” for the region. Acording to Turkey, the terrorist group PKK and its extension the YPG/PYD constitute the biggest threat to Syria’s future, jeopardizing the country’s territorial integrity and unitary structure. Turkey plans to resettle two million Syrians in a 30-km-wide (19-mi) safe zone to be set up in Syria.
At least one person has died overcrowded refugee camp in Greece - September 30, 2019
During a demonstration by a group who wanted to move from the Moria camp, known for its poor conditions on the island of Lesbos, a fire broke out in the container where the refugees stayed. Affected by fire, a woman and child have died and 17 people were slightly injured. Nearly one million refugees crossed from neighbouring Turkey to the Greek islands from 2015 to present.