Early Elections Decided in Bulgaria - April 5, 2021
Bulgarian President Rumen Radev decided to hold early elections on 11 July, after failed efforts to form a government of the parliamentary elections held in Bulgaria on April 4.
Bulgaria Heads Early Elections - April 27, 2021
Anthoaneta Stefanova, the candidate for the Prime Minister of the "There is such a People" / ITN / Party, to which the Bulgarian President Rumen Radev had given the mandate to form a government handed the mandate back immediately with the words that they refuse to take part in unprincipled coalitions.  The Citizens for the European Future of Bulgaria - GERB, to whom the government-forming mandate was first given, handed the mandate back as they did not get the support of sufficient deputies. President Rumen Radev has to give the mandate to form a government for the third time. Although it is still unclear to whom this task will be assigned if it fails again, the 45th Term People's Assembly will be dissolved and the president will appoint an interim technocrat government and then declare a new general election date.
Albania's Socialists win election - April 27,2021
In Albania's general elections held on April 25th, the currently ruling Socialist Party received 48.56 percent of the votes. The Socialist Party, which sent 73 deputies to the 140-seat parliament, can establish the government alone. The coalition, including the Democrat Party (PD), the largest opposition party in the country, took 39.34 percent of the votes and finished the election in second place with 59 deputies. The Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), which signed a pre-election coalition agreement with the Democratic Party, received 6.85 percent of the vote, 5 deputies, and the Social Democratic Party (PSD) received 2.24 percent of the vote and 3 deputies.
Attackt at mosque in Tirana - April 19, 2021
Five people were injured as a result of a knife attack in the Dine Hoca Mosque in Tirana, the capital of Albania. 34-year-old Albanian citizen Rudolf Nikolli, who organized the attack, was neutralized and detained after police intervention.
Elected the new President of Bulgaria's Parliament - April 4, 2021
In the elections held in Bulgaria on April 4, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov's Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party sent 75, and popular entertainer Slavi Trifonov's There Is Such A People (ITN) party sent 51 deputies. The Communist-origin pro-Russian Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) sent 43 deputies and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF), the majority of whose members were Turks, sent 30 deputies. After the elections, in the first session of the 45th People's Assembly, the deputies took the oath and elected the new Speaker of the Assembly. With 163 votes in favor and 75 abstentions, the National Assembly elected Iva Miteva-Rupcheva of "There Is Such a People"(ITN) as chair of the 45th National Assembly. Only GERB-UDF MPs abstained. The other candidate for parliament speaker was Tsveta Karayancheva from GERB, who received 75 votes in favour from GERB-UDF. All other MPs in the hall of the parliament and three who voted remotely were against her candidacy.
Turkish delegation to visit Egypt for ‘normalisation’ talks- April 15, 2021
A Turkish delegation will visit Egypt next month as part of Ankara’s efforts to mend ties with Cairo after the two countries snapped diplomatic relations in 2013, the foreign minister said on Thursday. Ankara and Cairo froze ties after the 2013 overthrow of Egypt’s first democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi, who forged close ties with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. That year, both countries expelled each others’ ambassadors and Cairo had then declared the Turkish envoy “persona non grata”. But Turkish officials last month said Ankara had established the first diplomatic contacts with Cairo since 2013 as part of wider efforts to repair relations with other Middle Eastern rivals. Cavusoglu’s announcement comes a day after he said a new period was beginning in Turkey-Egypt ties.
UN highlights rise in Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians- April 14, 2021
The United Nations human rights experts have warned that violence, including assaults and property destruction, by Israeli settlers against Palestinian civilians in the occupied West Bank has increased substantially in recent months. During the first three months of 2021, more than 210 settler violent incidents were recorded, including one Palestinian death, they said. “In 2020, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) documented 771 incidents of settler violence causing injury to 133 Palestinians and damaging 9,646 trees and 184 vehicles mostly in the areas of Hebron, Jerusalem, Nablus and Ramallah,” the experts said in a statement on Wednesday.  
Farmaajo Obtains Another Term by 2 Years - 12.04.2021
After a long-waiting election dispute, Somalian MPs finally extended President Mohamed Farmaajo mandate for another 2 years. The decision was accepted 149 yes against 3 no and 1 abstaining vote after the emergency session on Monday. In the disputed matter, the parties could not agree on the road map and timetable although there were several meetings between the opposition groups and the government.
Russia and Ukraine Crisis- April 4, 2021
Amid allegations from Ukraine that Russia has been massing troops at their shared border, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned that any attempts at a "new war" in eastern Ukraine would end up destroying that country. The threat lands as Moscow and Kyiv trade blame over a recent spike in violence in the years-long conflict between Ukrainian government forces and Russia-backed terrorists.  Kyiv claims the terrorists are "systematically violating a cease-fire” agreed in July and blames Russia for a purported build-up of Russian military forces near their shared border- an accusation rejected by the Kremlin.
Russian Language To Get Official Status In Nagorno-Karabakh - March 25, 2021
The separatist parliament of Nagorno-Karabakh has approved a proposal to make Russian the ethnic Armenian-populated region's second official language, along with Armenian. The amendments to the region's language laws were passed 27-0 on March 25, with two abstentions. The bill, which will become law upon being signed by the region's ethnic Armenian leader, Arayik Harutiunian, says that giving the Russian language an official status would deepen Nagorno-Karabakh's history of "cultural, military, and economic links" with Russia. Three of the five political parties represented in the region's legislature proposed the measure last month, arguing that it would facilitate communication with Russian soldiers and aid workers deployed in Nagorno-Karabakh after last year's Armenian-Azerbaijani war over the separatist region.
137 Killed in Niger - March 23, 2021
African country Niger faces a huge security challenge. According to government reports 137 have dies in Niger after a deadliest attack by armed bandits near Niger's border with Mali. Gunmen on motorbikes attacked the villagers as local officials confirmed. While the number of fatalities increases the government of Niger has announced 3 days of national mourning for the victims. Mali-Niger border region faces a security challenges during the last couple of years and half a million residents have fled their homes so far.
EU-Russian Relations At 'Low Point' - March 23, 2021
European Council President Charles Michel has told Russian President Vladimir Putin that relations between the European Union and Russia are “at a low point” with disagreements in “many areas,” which the Russian leader blamed on the bloc's "confrontational policies." Michel and Putin spoke by telephone on March 22 after the EU imposed sanctions on two Chechen officials over rights abuses in Russia’s North Caucasus region of Chechnya and ahead of a video conference of EU leaders on March 25-26 set to address EU-Russia ties. Also the European Council statement said "EU-Russian relations can only take a different direction if there is sustained progress on issues like the implementation of the Minsk agreements” aimed at putting an end to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, where fighting between Ukrainian government forces and Moscow-backed separatists has killed more than 13,000 people since April 2014, as well as “stopping hybrid and cyberattacks” on EU member states, and “respect for human rights.”
Afghan government to attend both U.S. and Russia backed peace conferences! - March 15, 2021
The Afghan government said on Saturday it would participate in two separate U.S.- and Russian-backed peace conferences in the coming weeks. The Russian-backed conference is scheduled for March 18, while the U.S.-sponsored one will take place in Turkey next month, officials said. Peace negotiations between the Afghan government and the insurgent Taliban in Qatar’s capital Doha have largely stalled. “The Afghan government will take part in both the Moscow and Turkey conferences,” Hamdullah Mohib, the country’s national security council advisor told reporters in Kabul. Mohammed Naeem, a spokesman for the Taliban, told Reuters it had received an invitation from Moscow but had not yet decided whether to attend or not. The Taliban has not made any comment about the proposed meeting in Turkey. It comes at a crunch time for the peace process as a May 1 deadline for foreign troops to withdraw from Afghanistan looms and the United States reviews its military commitments.
Kenya withdraws from Somalia border Dispute - March 14, 2021
Kenyan authorities have announced that the country decided to withdrawal from the Somalia-related maritime border dispute case. With the decision, Kenya has no longer participate in the court, The Hague-based International Court of Justice (ICJ). Nairobi and Mogadishu had witnessed deteriorating diplomatic relations due to disputed maritime borders between the two countries. The case in ICJ court has started after Somalia filled and claimed ownership on some part of the territory which already recognized as Kenya waters. For the time being, Kenya's withdrawal from the court is considered a success for war-torn Somalia. 
Hundreds rally over poor living conditions in Lebanon
Hundreds of Lebanese on Friday protested the continued deterioration in living conditions and the severe collapse in the value of the Lebanese pound. Other protests erupted across Lebanon, including the northern city of Tripoli where protesters blocked roads because of high prices and poor living conditions. Demonstrations were also reported in Sidon and Jiyeh, southern Lebanon, because of the collapse of the currency. Last week, the pound fell to 10,000 to the dollar, putting further pressure on the already deteriorating economy and living conditions. The latest economic fallout comes amid a continued failure to form a new government since Prime Minister Hassan Diab's government resigned six days after a catastrophic explosion rocked Beirut’s port in August. The blast killed more than 200 people. Protesters confirmed that the protests would continue until the governing system is abolished.
Russian WAGNER Mercenaries back in Sirte - March 13, 2021
Mercenaries who withdrew outside of Sirte for a vote of confidence of Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh’s government are back in the city, a Libyan official said on Saturday. Abdulhadi Dirah, the spokesman for the Sirte and Jufra Operation Department, told that the Wagner security company and Sudanese Janjaweed militia were taken 4 miles (6 kilometers) outside the city. However, 12 buses carrying militia forces returned to the al-Ghardabiya base in Sirte and were deployed to the headquarters of Al Calid. Dirah said that the return of mercenaries meant a violation of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission agreement.
European diplomat will monitor the dialogue between the ruling Georgian Dream party and the opposition - March 11, 2021
European Council President Charles Michel has mandated Christian Danielsson to lead a EU-backed mediation effort in Georgia, in follow up to the relaunch of the political dialogue between the ruling Georgian Dream party and the opposition.  The appointment comes shortly after Michel’s visit to Georgia earlier this month. Five of eight opposition parties which have won seats in the 10th convocation of the Georgian parliament have been demanding repeat elections since the October 31, 2020 race.  They have accused the ruling Georgian Dream party of falsifying the elections, refused to take up their mandates and took to the street in November 2020.  Opposition rallies resumed at the end of the last month, amid the coronavirus pandemic, after the arrest of the United National Movement (UNM) opposition party head Nika Melia on February 23 (for his refusal to pay bail).
Crimean Tatar Leader Barred From Entering Crimea Until 2034 - March 5, 2021
Russia has barred long-time Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev from entering Crimea for the next 13 years. Russian authorities initially barred Dzhemilev from entering Crimea for five years in March 2014 after Moscow illegally annexed Crimea.  Prosecutors at the ongoing trial in the Crimean city of Armyansk have accused Dzhemilev of attempting to illegally enter Crimea, negligent possession of a firearm, and the illegal possession of ammunition. The 77-year-old Ukrainian lawmaker has rejected all of the charges, calling them politically motivated and linked to his official rejection of Russia's control over Crimea.
For Refugees in East Africa UN agencies appeal 266 million dollars - March 3, 2021
UN agencies UNHCR and WFP appeal funding 266 million dollars to feed refugees in East Africa. According to agencies Covid-19 restrictions and measures limited refugees' ability to support their families via casual daily jobs. Thousands of refugees are now struggling to have enough food. For that, the vast majority of refugees adopted new coping strategies such as reducing meals or skipping it. The agencies claimed a terrible funding situation in six countries of East Africa.
Nikol Pashinian is Ready For Early Elections - March 1, 2021
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian said on March 1 that he is prepared to hold snap parliamentary elections provided the opposition agrees to certain conditions. Political tensions in Armenia are high, with supporters of Pashinian and the opposition each staging massive rallies at separate sites in the capital. Pashinian is confronted with an ongoing political crisis after the army demanded that he quit last week, a move he said amounted to an attempted coup. "If the parliamentary opposition agrees to early elections, we will agree to early elections," Pashinian told thousands of supporters gathered in Yerevan's central Republic Square. Pashinian has faced mounting protests and calls from the opposition for his resignation following a six-week conflict between Azerbaijan and ethnic Armenian forces over the region of Nagorno-Karabakh last year. Many Armenians see the deal as a humiliating loss.
12 years in prison for Saso Mijalkov - February 26, 2021
The former director of the North Macedonian Security and Intelligence Agency, (UBK) Saso Miyalkov, who was issued an arrest warrant after the house arrest decision in the "Target-Tvrdina" case, surrendered to the prosecutor's office. Former UBK director Saso Mijalkov was sentenced to 12 years, and former Inteiror Minister Gordana Jankuloska was given four years in prison.
Armenian Prime Minister Calls Military's Demands For His Resignation An Attempted Coup - February 25, 2021
Armenia's armed forces have called for the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian and his government, prompting him to claim it's an attempted coup by the military. The chief of information at the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Samvel Asatryan, said in a statement posted on February 25 that the call came in "resolute protest" against the dismissal of the first deputy chief of the General Staff "for short-sighted reasons." It was not immediately clear whether the armed forces are willing to use force to back up the statement. Pashinian rejected the call to step down and instead announced the dismissal of Onik Gasparian, the head of the General Staff. He also called for his supporters to gather in the center of the capital, Yerevan.
North Macedonia’s Security and Intelligence Agency Director Vanishes Before Verdict - February 22, 2021
Former North Macedonian Security and Intelligence Agency (UBK) Director Saşo Miyalkov, who was tried as the chief defendant in the "Target-Tvrdina" case for illegal listening to thousands of people in North Macedonia, the court ruled for house arrest. For Miyalkov, whom the police couldn't find in his home, the court issued a national and international arrest warrant.
Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia Resigns over Melia’s Detention - February 18, 2021
Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia resigned citing disagreement with his party colleagues over the detention of Nika Melia, leader of the UNM. This follows the Tbilisi City Court’s decision to send United National Movement’s Nika Melia, Chairperson of the largest opposition party, to pretrial detention. Gakharia’s statement said that while Melia had “never respected the law” and called “for the storming of the Parliament” on June 20, 2019, the decision to detain him poses unacceptable risks, and unduly complicates the task of economic recovery and the management of pandemic. The resignation comes as the post-election crisis after October polls continues to plague Georgian politics. Most of the opposition, including the UNM, is rejecting the official results and refusing to enter the new Parliament. Foreign facilitated talks to overcome the crisis have been stalled since December.