Egypt extends state of emergency for twelfth time since 2017! - 28 April 2020
It was the 12th extension of the state of emergency since it came into effect on April 10, 2017, a day after attacks on two Coptic churches on Palm Sunday that killed at least 44 people. The extension of the state of emergency has been cited as citing health and safety measures. In Egypt, where there have been 5042 cases of coronavirus, 359 people have died from the disease. Sisi administration has been accused of hiding the case numbers.
40 civilians killed in terror attack in Syria's Afrin city! - 28 April 2020
According to the Turkish Ministry of National Defense, a bomb attack was carried out on Racu Street in the centre of Afrin by the terrorist group PKK/YPG. 40 civilians, including 11 children, were killed in the attack and 47 were wounded.
Anti-Netanyahu demonstration in Tel Aviv! - 26 April 2020
Thousands gathered Saturday in Tel Aviv to protest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu move to center power on the management of COVID-19. Protesters in Rabin Square rallied to reject Netanyahu’s attempt to place more power on the management of the virus in his hand. Demonstrators obeyed social distance rules during the protest, the newspaper said.
In Africa Corona Epidemic Arrives Critical Level! 29 April 2020
Although the number of confirmed Corona cases still low in the African continent, the economic side effects of the epidemic already were felt badly across the continent. Lockdowns and restrictions on mobility lowered production capacity of the Africa at the first hand. While the confirmed cases in the continent already surpassed 30 thousand level, death toll arrived to 1,500. South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Cameroon and Nigeria are the epicenters of the epidemic in the continent.
Mysterious Deaths in Nigeria's Kano State! - 28 April 2020
There were mysterious deaths in Nigeria's Kano state, one of the commercial centers in the north. According to officials deaths were unrelated to Corona epidemic. While the reason behind the deaths remained unclear so far, there is an invastigation made by Nigerian health authorities. Nigeran President Muhammed Buhari has recently expressed his deep concern over the deaths and explained that lockdown on Kano would be expanded if it is seen necessary.    
Ukraine’s Job Offer To Saakashvili Angers Georgia! - 24 April 2020
The government of Georgia, led by former President Mikheil Saakashvili's longtime foes, has voiced objection to his possible appointment to the post of deputy prime minister of Ukraine, saying such a move would negatively affect relations between the two countries. Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia said in Tbilisi on April 24 that it was "absolutely unacceptable" for Ukraine to appoint to a top post a person who has been convicted in his native Georgia and is wanted on charges of abuse of power. Saakashvili was sentenced in 2018 to a total of nine years in prison in absentia after being convicted of abuse of power in two separate cases.
Azerbaijan Puts Four Top Banks Under Temporary Administration! -
Azerbaijan's central bank has put four of the energy-rich South Caucasus country's top banks under temporary administration, amid economic difficulties caused by a plunge in oil prices and the coronavirus pandemic. The central bank on April 27 appointed temporary administrators for Atabank, AGBank, NBCBank, and Amrah Bank, which are among the country's 15 largest financial institutions.
Southern Transitional Council Declared self-governance in souther Yemen! - 27 April 2020
Separatist Southern Transitional Council has declared self-governance, state of emergency in Aden and southern provinces of Yemen. Following the move, five provinces in southern Yemen -- Hadhramaut, Shabwa, al-Mahra, Abyan and the administration of Socotra -- announced that they do not recognize the self-governance of the STC.
Kazakhistan Tenge Rate Collapse! - 06 April 2020
The collapse of the ruble and oil prices triggered a fall in Central Asian currencies. Bureaux de change in Kazakhstan on March 9 was selling dollars at 398 tenges and then stopped selling altogether. Against the backdrop of the collapse, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Kazakh president, Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev. The Rapid Response Working Group, led by the country’s prime minister, was created to develop an anti-crisis action plan. While efforts have been made, on March 16, by the end of bidding on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, the dollar rate amounted to 434.59 tenges. The United States dollar has risen in price by 28.97 tenges since March 13, and by 57.81 tenges in a month. Certain exchange offices even rated one USD for up to 450 tenges. Kazakhstan’s Central Bank has declared its intention to contribute to an equilibrium rate in conformity with the policy of a free-floating exchange rate and inflation targeting. At the same time, the National Bank reserved the right to cushion exchange rate fluctuations, if necessary. The depreciation of the Kazakh currency is taking place against the low oil prices, which fell below $32 per the Brent barrel, and the emergency in response to the coronavirus’ spread.
Moscow Extends Partial Coronavirus Lockdown Until May 1! - 06 April 2020
Moscow, Russia's worst affected city during the current Covid-19 pandemic, has extended its strict home isolation regime until the end of April following President Vladimir Putin‘s decision to extend nationwide paid leave. All restrictions imposed in the Russian capital will stay in force until May 1, Mayor Sergey Sobyanin announced on his official blog, as the city struggles to contain the spread of coronavirus. Moscow has already lived under a strict social distancing regime since last weekend. All residents are requested to stay at home and to go out only when absolutely necessary. Public venues, including museums, theaters and parks are closed. Only food stores and shops selling essential goods are still allowed to open.
Orthodox Church Tells Worshipers to Stay at Home as Russian Covid-19 Infections Rising! - 31 March 2020
After weeks of uncertainty and mixed messaging while the coronavirus crisis escalates, the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia has told his followers to pray to God from the safety of their own homes. Kirill, the Orthodox Church’s Primate, instructed believers to avoid chapels. Speaking in Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Saviour on Sunday, the patriarch called for strict compliance with the orders of Russian authorities. Acknowledging that there is “a big risk of an epidemic,” he noted how many citizens do not quite realize the full seriousness of the disease and its impact in other countries, especially Italy. Although Russia’s numbers are climbing quickly, its confirmed cases are still way behind Italy’s 97,689. In recent weeks the Church has come under some criticism for its handling of the outbreak, but has proceeded undeterred. On the 14th March, Metropolitan Hilarion, head of the Synodal Department for External Church Relations, told TV channel Russia-24 that they would “neither close churches nor cancel services.” Furthermore, in the last few days, as containment measures have been ramped up across the country, Orthodox leaders continued to insist the institution would “fulfil its pastoral duty.”
UN-recognized government downs UAE drone in Libya! - 01 April 2020
Libya's UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) announced on Wednesday that it had downed a United Arab Emirates unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the west of the country. Abu Dhabi has yet to comment on the incident.
44th anniversary of Palestinian Land Day! - 30 March 2020
People wave Palestinians flag to mark the 44th anniversary of Palestinian Land Day in the shadow of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Ramallah, West Bank on March 30, 2020. Members of the Committee to fight against the Agreement of the Century gather to mark the 44th anniversary of Palestinian Land Day in Gaza City, also.
Armenia violates ceasefire with Azerbaijan! - 24 March 2020
From the beginning of the year, Armenian armed forces have violated the ceasefire along the line of contact between Azerbaijan many times. The Armenian armed forces were using large-caliber machine guns and sniper rifles. The conflict between the two South Caucasus countries began in 1988 when Armenia made territorial claims against Azerbaijan. As a result of the ensuing war, Armenian armed forces occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijan, including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven surrounding districts. The 1994 ceasfire agreement was followed by peace negotiations. Armenia has not yet implemented four UN Security Council resolutions on withdrawal of its armed forces from Nagorno Karabakh and the surrounding districts.
Israel's Blue and White party splits after Gantz elected as Knesset speaker! - 27 March 2020
Israel's Blue and White party dissolved on Thursday after party chairman Benny Gantz nominated himself to become the new speaker of the Knesset and join Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in government. Soon after Gantz announced his nomination, the three parties that comprised the Blue and White alliance - Hosen L'Israel, Yesh Atid and Telem - decided to go their own ways. The dissolution of the blue and white party was a major shock.
Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported torture against children in the Egyptian prisons! - 26 March 2020
Egyptian police, security forces and military officials have arbitrarily arrested, tortured and disappeared hundreds of children, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW). Titled, No One Cared He Was A Child: Egyptian Security Forces' Abuse of Children in Detention, the HRW report documents abuses against 20 children who were aged between 12 and 17 when they were arrested. The 43-page report states the crackdown and the use of torture against all detainees, especially minors, has weakened the rule of law in Egypt "to the point of extinction", as prosecutors and judges exacerbated abuses through due process violations and unfair trials.
PLO senior official says Israel seized 95% of the Jordan Valley! - 25 March 2020
Secretary General of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) Executive Committee, Dr. Saeb Erekat, has said that Israel has seized 95 per cent of the Jordan Valley which is inhabited by 12,700 Israeli settlers while only 55,000 Palestinians live on the remaining five per cent. Erekat added in a statement issued by the Negotiations Affairs Department on Tuesday that in 2019 Israel constructed four new settlement outposts and added 110 settlement units to existing settlements in the Jordan Valley. According to the PLO official, Israel has stolen 94 per cent of the Jordan Valley water in addition to 100,000 dunums which are seized and declared closed military areas before being transferred to the settlers.
The Armenian Police have warned the people about Coronavirus! - 20 March 2020
The Armenian Police have warned three online editions for their posts about the spread of coronavirus in the world. The Armenian Police has warned the editorial board of the "Aravot" online edition about the threat of a fine of 500,000 drams (USD 1016) for publishing data on coronavirus under the state of emergency regime introduced in the country. The analysts believe that the demand to restrict publications on this topic under the state of emergency is absurd and creates unnecessary problems in the information environment.
Georgia lost incomes during Coronavirus infection! - 15 March 2020
At a meeting of the Georgian parliament, MPs voiced a proposal to review the state budget and allocate more than 15 million US dollars to 60,000 families who lost their incomes because of the spread of the coronavirus infection. In Georgia, the situation with the coronavirus infection affected small and medium-sized businesses, and many private companies were closed. The tourism sector was particularly affected, together with restaurants, cafes, and bars, which were ordered to operate exclusively through the delivery service.
 Covid-19 in Turkmenistan! - 19 March 2020
Turkmenistan has introduced new regulations for entering the country. Travelers will be required to show health certificates proving they are not infected with COVID-19 before entering the country’s territory. The foreign travelers, who have recently visited any of the countries with the confirmed coronavirus cases, will undergo a medical inspection or otherwise they will be expelled from the country or sent to quarantine, which can last up to 24 days. The medical tests and quarantine will cost the foreign travelers at least US$300. Travelers, entering Turkmenistan, will be required to pay the fee in cash.
Governments of Central Asia Respond to COVID-19 Spread! - 19 March 2020
Central Asian countries are ready to join efforts to fight against coronavirus. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have already agreed to collaborate at the highest level, coordinating activities of the governments. Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev discussed the situation on COVID-19 spread with Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev by telephone on March 18th. The number of infected people in Uzbekistan has reached 15. Uzbek Health Ministry has reported four new cases of COVID-19 over the past 24 hours.Uzbek authorities announced that they will prosecute those who hide symptoms of the disease and intentionally expose other people to the deadly virus. Violators can face up to eight years in jail.
Around 21 Million women and girls displaced worldwide! - 06 March 2020
According to Internal Displacement Monitoring Center's (IDMC) March 2020 report, at the end of the 2018, 42 million people displaced due to conflicts and violence at worldwide. Half of them are women and girls and 11.2 million are under the age of 24 and two third of them from Africa and Middle East.
Due to Corona Virus, 3 big conferences is cancelled at Africa! - 06 March 2020
Corona virus epidemics that affects all over the world keep expanding at Sub-Saharan Africa. According World Health Organization data, after 4 cases at Senegal and 1 case at Nigeria, at South Africa detected a person who returned from French holiday. Conferences in Ethiopia, Kenya and Ivory Coasts where participants from different countries expected to attend have been cancelled.
Corona Virus Keeps Spreading! - 28 February 2020
According to World Health Organization situation report on 27 February 2020, total of 82.294 people , 78.630 whom were in China , diagnosed with Corona virus. The virus which is seen 46 countries and caused 57 death beside from China, showed sudden increase in Italy , Iran and South Korea. WHO Director-General said the countries should have 3 priority that protecting health care personnels, sick and old people and helping defenseless countries at his statement.